Ryan Stocker

Programming and System Design

About Me

My name is Ryan Stocker, and I am a systems designer and programmer. I graduated from Full Sail University in August of 2018. Since graduation, I’ve been working with colleagues on a 2D platformer/bullet hell called Frikin the Laser Shark. We hope to have a lot more information about that soon.

I’ve been gaming almost as long as I have been breathing and it’s always been my greatest dream to work in this industry. I’m a very hardworking individual that loves to tackle new problems with new solutions. I am currently honing my skills in Maya, Unity, Unreal Engine, and C# and hope to expand to more engines and languages soon.

I’m very enthusiastic about table-top gaming as well as video-games. I’ve played D&D and Pathfinder for several years and enjoy creating my own content for those games. I keep an open mind to all genres and formats of games that I play to better generate ideas to incorporate into my design.